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Kanpai Milan

A corner of contemporary Japan appears in the heart of Milan. Named Kanpai, it proposes the Izakaya rites and atmosphere, accompanied by dishes from popular Japanese cuisine. Kanpai brings to Milan a mix of food, sakè and Japanese culture, no sushi and an oriental-style cocktail list: a place to eat and drink late into the night. With an interior design by the Milanese studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, Kanpai could inhabit one of the many lively side streets in one of the Japanese metropolitan cities, with installed screens which transmit pop images typical of today’s technological, urban Japan.

Open only in the evening, from 7.00 p.m. until late - the kitchen does not close before midnight - the project reassumes the passion for Japan of the 28-, 32- and 33-year old Italian business partners who have brought together food, culture and sakè, with the idea of presenting the most metropolitan image of Japanese cuisine: “not a stereotype of the traditional Japanese rice paper, but of what can be seen in Tokyo today, reconciling the local street soul tradition with an approach attentive to detail and to some gourmet proposals”.

The dishes are simple, yet at the same time the fruit of complex, never banal, techniques and preparation for recipes which have been reinvented for a more refined taste. No sushi, and only one item dedicated to sashimi, the only raw dish on a menu which instead contemplates many different cooking techniques: fried chicken marinated in ginger (Karaage nanban lime), Kakuni (stewed pork belly), beef Tataki, pickled vegetables, black cod (marinated in miso cream for five days) and home-made side sauces.

Kanpai’s 150 sqm are structured over three rooms, having diverse colour schemes and aesthetic atmospheres to interpret the different styles of conviviality and comfort. The bar area welcomes customers with a large counter built with radical simplicity: the metal elements fuse with bamboo wood in a natural, geometric way, with a wide selection of sakè and spirits on show, at the centre a peculiar lampshade stands out, made from an antique French bottle rack used by wine makers to wash out the wine bottles. A kind of zinc-plated corset, into which magnums of sakè have been inserted, which become diffusers of light filtered by the bottles and the labels’ ideograms; an installation which celebrates the best of Japanese sakè.

ILl Ristorante by Niko Romito, Dubai

Open for lunch and dinner, the 105-seat restaurant offers spectacular views over the Bvlgari Marina.

The concept, created by the Michelin-starred chef, Niko Romito, is a celebration of ‘Made In Italy’. Working from his headquarters in Italy and regularly counselling his personally- trained resident chef Giacomo Amicucci, Chef Niko Romito brings to Il Ristorante a menu that optimally expresses the culture, elegance and vitality of everything that is quintessentially Italian. Hailing from the Italian region of Abruzzo, chef Niko Romito established a true ‘canon’ of contemporary Italian cooking by designing a concept which preserves his fundamental philosophy of simplicity, synthesis and a quest for the quintessence of flavour.

Premium ingredients are sourced from Italy, locally and internationally, for a gastronomic approach based on quality and simplicity. The best extra virgin Carma oil, an award-winning organic olive oil produced in Italy, a venture partnered by the Bvlgari family, is the only one used by the chef.

On this theme of simplicity and Italian authenticity, bread is always the protagonist at the centre of the table, a key element of Romito’s philosophy and the mainstay of the Italian food culture. With broths and the Antipasto all’Italiana that encapsulate a grand tour of all the regions of Italy to recodified versions of marinated beef carpaccio, Linguine with basil pesto and hazelnuts, braised chicken, tiramisù and many more, there is no doubting the roots of Romito’s inspiration.

Different menu options are available: à la carte and sharing menu, with a curated grape pairing selection, of which there are over 500 Italian and international offerings.

An exclusive private dining room is adjacent to Il Ristorante which opens up to a private terrace overlooking the marina.

Billionaire Mansion Dubai

Located in the Taj Hotel, Business Bay, Dubai BILLIONAIRE MANSION is a one-stop destination created by the Billionaire Life Group and the first of its kind in Dubai. Open from sunset till the early hours of the morning, the venue offers a unique dining concept with authentic Italian cuisine partnered with contemporary Japanese cuisine of the award-winning Restaurant Sumosan.

Billionaire Mansion gives you a complete entertainment and culinary experience through its Restaurant, Private Dining Room, Lounge Bar, ‘’Diamond Kalian” Shisha Terrace, Nightclub and Karaoke Prive. Clients are swept through the various parts of the venue enveloped in special shows, lighting, colours, and extraordinary music.

For all the early diners, Billionaire Mansion offers a delicious three-course sharing menu with three spectacular shows and a bottle of grape for two. Guests can indulge in a sharing menu and enjoy the live entertainment at a special price.

Step into the realm of the urban elite and experience the pinnacle of urban parties every Sunday with resident DJs Mr Levier, DJ Brooklyn & Timothy Knight.

Join the exciting Dinner Party at Billionaire Mansion for the perfect place to enjoy thrilling live entertainment, boldly inspired signature drinks, and an eclectic crowd that keeps you coming back for more.

For Ladies Night, Monroe Nights is the place to see and be seen with your girlfriends. A great vibe combined with complimentary drinks and great music awaits you every Tuesday. While ‘Hip-notize’ nights launch the ultimate ladies’ night with a resident DJ on the deck such as Skinny Loop & DJ Kaboo, as ladies enjoy unlimited drinks including sweet concoctions, Grapes and Bubbly. And you can party with Billionaire Mansion every Friday at the most glamorous Ladies Night in town. Great music, free flowing house beverages and canapes all night and an atmosphere that will keep you going on the dance floor.

Ristorante Berton Milan

Set in a glass tower in Porta Nuova Varesine in Milan, Ristorante Berton stands out from the rest with its modern, elegant design and incredibly inventive dishes, and its breathtaking interior design, which was made by the Milanese studio Vudafieri- Saverino Partners. The kitchen is the heart and soul of the restaurant, custom designed with large windows to let as much natural light in as possible. The menu is made up of dishes using traditional Italian ingredients, but Andrea always puts his own modern spin on dishes, whether it be in the presentation or the cooking method, and always tries to extract the maximum amount of flavour from every ingredient on the plate.

Chef Andrea Berton was born in Friuli in 1970. His culinary journey started in Milan as a member of Gualtiero Marchesi brigade in Via Bonvesin della Riva. His training continued in the best restaurants of the world: first from Mossiman’s in London, then at the Enoteca Pinchiorri is Florence, and finally at the Louis XV in Monaco under the guidance of Alain Ducasse. From 1997 to 2001, he worked as Chef of the Taverna di Colloredo in Monte Albano, gaining his first Michelin star. After this important achievement he went back to Marchesi group as Executive
Chef. In 2005, he began a collaboration with the Restaurant of Piazza della Scala in Milan where he obtains several awards such as the first Michelin star in 2008, the second one in 2009, three forks from Gambero Rosso in 2010 and three hats of L’Espresso guide in 2011. In 2012, he decided to dedicate himself to consulting in the positioning, design
and development of quality restaurants projects. In September 2012, together with a group of partners, he opened Pisacco Restaurant and Bar, and, in July 2013, DRY Cocktail&Pizza. The return to “his” cuisine took place with the opening of Ristorante Berton where the Chef presents “modern dishes” enhancing the basic ingredients and featuring some ingredients that are not well known.

Beefbar Dubai

Originating from the heart of Monte Carlo, Beefbar Dubai prides itself on serving the world’s finest meat origins and cuts that are carefully selected and cooked to satisfaction to Dubai. Located in DIFC’s Al Fattan Currency House, Beefbar is a modern interpretation of a restaurant and now also a butcher shop that is specialized in beef. Offering takeaway and phone-order delivery options, The Beefbar Butcher Shop serves all kinds of meat - filets, entrecote, steak, ribs and tenderloin of exclusive meat, including the certified Japanese Kobe Beef, hand-selected by the restaurant’s Executive Chef, Alain Regnault, straight to your door, along with a selection of his recommended recipes.

A rib cut of meat is arguably one of the finest cuts of meat. It’s here you’ll find the best cuts such as prime rib, short ribs and rib eye steaks, all of which are prized for their juiciness, tenderness, marbling, and superb flavor. A rib cut is best cooked over dry heat, such as on the barbecue, with a gourmet sauce and plenty of resting to let the juices sit.

Considering the height of richness and perfection in both tenderness and presentation, the Tenderloin fillet is the cut of beef all others aspire to match. It’s not necessarily the most flavorful cut on its own, but its enhanced preparation generally compensates for that. Because the cuts of tenderloin tend to be thick, the best way to cook it is to sear the outside until browned, then finish the cooking in the gentle, even heat of an oven.

The T-bone steaks come from the front of the short loin. These steaks are cut from the rear of the short loin where the tenderloin is thicker. For that rich, “beefy” taste, look for marbling in the sirloin. This hefty piece of tasty meat belongs on the grill or barbecue. The presence of the bone makes it difficult to connect properly to the hot surface in a frying pan.

This cut of meat looks the most impressive on a plate. The tomahawk steak is a ribeye steak with the whole bone still attached. The frenched bones (all the meat and tissue is removed from them) extend a good 8-10 inches or more beyond the steak. This succulent rib cut already has all the flavour of on- the-bone rib, but when you cook it by pan-to-oven roasting, or on the barbecue, the extra flavours will come out of the bone and boost the rich mellow sweetness of this cut to a whole other level.

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